DIY Sandblaster For Under 6.00 Dollar


In my daily life I need to remove rust from some rusty old tools that I got because of their storage and non-use, so I wanted to come back like new and clean pieces.

So I was looking for a sand blower, it was either a license and did not perform the required purpose or high cost and I could not get it.
So I decided to make one and share the way I made it with you.
Here in this project, we will make an excellent sandblaster and cost no more than $ 6, we will explain the way step by step until you get the sandblaster.

Step 1 : Materials and tools

Air gun
A bottle
Blasting materials
air compressor
Tapered Triangular Saw File or Electric circuit saw

Step 2 : Preparation and processing of air gun

Open the new air gun wrapper, and change out the blower,use the key to tighten the blower with small strong
Then Install the fitting with the lower hole in the air gun (open air inlet), use a rubber tape to prevent the leakage of compressed air, and get a good closure.

Step 3 : Cut out the blower

After assembling the parts of the air gun and attaching it properly, install the gun to cut out the blower 1/2" wipe.
You can use an Tapered Triangular Saw File or Electric circuit saw to do this.
Be careful when using the electric saw to cut the metal.

Step 4 : Processing the bottle

Install the bottle well so that no problems occur during processing.
Firstly:cut out the inner ring by cutter.
Second:Grab a 3/16" bit and drill the neck just under the cap (use 1/8" pilot Then 3/16" Hole).

Step 5 : Insert the blower and test

Push the air rod into the hole with the bottle.
It should be very snug!  Then take it off.
Fill in the bottle with blasting materials, then Replace the blower inside the bottle slot, and test it.

Step 6 : Done

Now we have got Sandblaster.
We will experiment with some rusting tools that will come back as new.
You can see the photos before and after.



  • Be careful when using the electric saw to cut the metal.


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