How to make a beautiful walkway for the house garden with minimal costs


Having a house garden without a neat walk reduces its aesthetic value a lot, so we decided in this project to learn, how to set up the walk of the park with the lowest possibilities around us in nature and may be located in the garden itself

The idea of the walker is based on the design and determination of a good place for the pedestrian and then the laying of stones regular, and then fixed by the small stone or sand with cement or other materials (as desired and costs

Step 1 : Materials and Tools


Border fence width 20 cm, length by length walking in the garden

Rock slab stones flat thickness from 5 cm to 7 cm (different shapes and sizes

small stone a size of 3/8 ml or Gravil (different shapes
 Great vase

Hammer size 1 k
Sieve size 3/8

Step 2 : Install the walking edge (Border fence)

Customize the border fence along the garden walkway and the width that fits your home garden (average width 1 meter), according to the design until you get an elegant look and feel for walking, this is for the first part of the fence

Then measure the first point of the fence and make offset 1 meter of it , and then start installing the other end of the fence, and at each ripple in the walker measure the distance between the two sides from the fence until they are consistent on the same footing

After this phase of the work, we come to install this fence from outside the walk with wooden poles or metal or long wooden poles to support the sides of the fence
See step pictures

Step 3 : Walkway planning

After placing the fence and designing the shape and place of the walker, plan the shape and organization of the flat stones on the walkway
Use the hammer to cut the sizes of large stones to small and consistent
Check out a little distance in the shape of the walker and study its shape remotely and closely until you settle on its most beautiful landscape

Step 4 : Adjust the path and fill the blanks

The appearance of the walking shape after the stones are coordinated on it gives the walker a large appearance near the end of the work

Now we add the 3/8 size to the spaces between the stone slab and fill it well in a good equation of the stones

(You can use the cement mixture to fill the gap between the slab stones and then add the gravel over the cement mixture as a surface

Step 5 : Finished

Finally, bring a little soil beside the walker, so that you can plant the grass on either side of the walk, or bring some small and medium stones to make a beautiful side of the walk

And you can support the sides of the walk with cement mixture to prevent the growth of weeds and grass on both sides of the walk, so as not to obstruct the walk in the corridor

Which of these options you have the freedom to use someone, or the segmentation of the walk and use the three previous methods


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