Replace the decorative stone walls fully detailed


Many of us resort to some professional technicians in order to get a mural to beautify the home stone decor and access to the bedrooms and kitchens, decorations and designs in this project will learn together how we install stones decoration at home without the help of others to complete the work.And also the educational lesson for professionals working in this field, as in this project, you can learn and get all the precise details of this work, which gives you the idea of this work and the way the exact architecture to do this work without any mistakes remember and easy

Step 1 : Materials and tools


 Mural stone tiles

The mix of concrete



ceramic scissors (Cutting Machine - an electric saw)

An electric drill

Step 2 : The beginning and the establishment of work

In the KRYON cardboard tiles come to the work of the floors by 10 units of tiles, where each As first priest is reported the opposite face to face, including a break from paper. To begin work measure the width of the wall to know the number of units of the tiles for one tape the bottom of the wall, and divide and parallel to the side tiles from both parties communicate with each other in the instrument cluster.As an example:The presentation of the wall 5 mAnd the length of the slab 0.30 cm we do the section 5 m / 9.30 cm be gross 16.66 tileCampAny that 16*9.30 cm = 4.80 m, and the rest communication cm be divisible by 2 = 1.00 No. cmThen we need the first grade of the founding of the tile camp, 16 and we need the parties to side-1.00 No. cm at the beginning and end of the row

Step 3 : Replace the tiles and the formation of the decoration

After incorporation of work put the cement on the back of the SLAB after cleaned of dust (even strongly adheres to the cement mixture), then paste the SLAB to maintain as first priest is reported from the row below it, the engine of the slab right and left at the PASTE until well be CLUMPING the wall.When the parties to the rows take the sizes of the remaining places of the row, and cut to size on the SLAB

Tip:Use the shield to the broken tiles or already cut a part and to reduce cost.It also as described below

Step 4 : Cut and cover the places of the exits the wall

When you find outlets or windows of the wall take the Prostheses and as described below, from two sides and length between director and another tileyou installed a row which has no exit, and the second display from the top of the last of the bottom row to this director. Do the signs of the PENCIL the same measurements taken by director on one of the tiles, and then cut it or puncture with electric drill , As described in our work

Now that you have the processing slab with the exit and paste it in place ,make sure that the exit as well

Step 5 : Close the upper barrier

We note with the end of a row of small loft offer is not introduced the SLAB which we work, in this case we measure the distance of the last upper row was installed and the ceiling, then we cut the necessary tiles of the same size using scissors power, install the cutoff corner tiles as if you are installing a sound tiles, taking into account the closure between the ceiling tiles and well wall using concrete mixture, where the remaining 4 :5 ml ,can be filled it with cement to ensure the quality of the general shape of the barrier

Step 6 : Make sure the work and completion

After closing the last upper row review the work that has been on the wall, if any small gaps between the tiles, you can filled it with cement companionship well, then clean the tiles from any unnecessary cement, which is located in the center of the tiles without the need for it.Preview figure from a remote location slightly until you clear vision and perspective from several aspects.And so we have completed our project and learned how to install stone tiles and the decor of the living rooms and the decor of the bedrooms


  • Should caution when using machine cut tiles and electric drill to work as he needed some practice to learn how to use it without the Council harm yourself


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